Monday, January 15, 2018

3.6V Lithium ion battery

3.6V Lithium ion battery is a special cylindrical battery made from a carefully obtained lithium ion. This lithium ion battery is manufactured by different companies, but the core element in each battery is same. Lithium ion batteries are used to power various different electrical types of equipment e.g. telephones, MP players, Video cameras, flashlights, etc. These batteries can also be used to charge a laptop computer and provide high performance and durability.

3.6V Lithium ion battery is available in almost all across the world and is used to power different everyday items. The battery is powered by a 4.20V output charger. The average capacity of the battery is 3000mah.

3.6 V Lithium ion battery is identical to the standard 3.6V non-rechargeable battery with the only difference is that this battery can be recharged. A charging adapter and cable come with the battery that charges the battery to use again.

The lithium ion battery is used in almost every industry ranging from industrial use in medical industry to security and consumer industry etc. The battery is designed from the highest quality material according to the international quality standards. Each quality standards are followed while manufacturing this battery.

3.6V Lithium ion battery comes with different capacities. The normal capacity is 3000mah; however, the capacity ranges from 600mah to 3400mah. The capacity changes with size and company but generally, the companies follow a standard of 3000mah. Some of the 3.6V lithium ion batteries are not rechargeable; however, some of the batteries are rechargeable.

The battery can be recharged using any standard battery charger; however, it is most suitable to charge the battery with the provided charger. The charger that comes with the battery is tailor-made to provide strength and efficiency to the battery. 3.6 Lithium ion battery is most effective, durable and long-lasting when it is charged by its own charger.

There is number of different applications of these batteries. These batteries can be used to run approximately every electric item that is powered by a 3.6 to 4V current. The number of usages includes powering up a remote control, video camera, audio recorders, camcorders, flashlight, laptop computers, telephones, toys etc. This battery can be used in every electrical instrument that is powered by a 3.6V current. This wide range of applications has made this battery one of the most used batteries.

The maximum discharge current of the battery is 15A. This battery cannot hold a greater of current then 15A. The dimensions of a 3.6V Lithium ion battery of 3000mah are 18mm x 65mm. The dimension is different from different batteries having different capacity.

In short, 3.6V Lithium ion battery is one of the most widely used batteries because of its smaller size and number of applications. The battery can be fitted anywhere and provides durability, efficiency, and great performance. If you want to buy a battery for your cameras, digital recorders, camcorders etc, this lithium ion battery can be the best choice. Buy this 3.6V lithium ion battery pack to power your accessories and personal electronic gadgets.     

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How to use discount codes as marketing tools

In case you have a website and you are in the business of selling products, or even services for that matter, you might wish to use discount codes, also referred to as coupon codes and voucher codes. If you know how to use them properly it would be highly beneficial for you in that you would be able to drive a lot of sales in your company.

How can e-commerce sites use them?

Debenhams discount codes are highly popular. In fact, if you are an e-commerce site it is absolutely mandatory for you to have these codes. You can expect that consumers will expect you to have them on your site and they will look for them as well.

However, you should create these codes in such a way that they do not last beyond a certain date. You should also have clear goals in mind when it comes to these codes. You can use product-specific codes to move a certain line of products. You can use sitewide codes in order to make sure that all products and services on a certain site are sold. Product-specific codes can also be used to pre-sell items and clear them from your stock. Get free item from the following link:

These codes can also be used to announce a product line that you may be bringing out in the next few days. When you are using these codes you might also wish to track the location from which the users got these codes. This is why you should create different codes with respect to different kinds of resources that may be enumerated as below:

Your website and internal blog
Externals blogs – one for each blog
Your e-mail distribution list
External sites – one for each site

One for each and every one of your social media sites and accounts
If you set up discount and coupon codes in this way you would be able to get a clear idea as to from where you are getting your buyers. As an owner, you would wish to know who actually is buying the products and services on your site as well as where they would be coming from. A great way to learn this is through the coupon codes. As has been stated above you can also create various codes as well as different rates of discount on the basis of the resource. As an example, you would be able to eke out a deal with a big blog.

As part of this deal, you could convince the blog owners that if they posted a blog about your site you would offer their users one of your best discount codes. This could be the biggest discount that you offer or a discount on one of your top products that otherwise may not be available. In any case, you need to make it worth their while. This can be effective as a bargaining chip since every blog owners need more followers and one major way to do that is to reward them. Here is the Code "WINTER" for Christmas Sales.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace

sterling silver monogram necklace
A monogram necklace can be described to be a personalized necklace that has initials engraved on its pendant and is made of precious metals that are shaped into letters which form the monograms. It can also be in the form of plate type pendants or laser engraved necklaces. Monogram necklaces come in various styles and qualities of which they are made from different types of materials like gold, platinum, copper, nickel, etc.

A monogram is said to be a motif from a combination of two letters or more which are usually from a person, group or organization's initials. Monograms have been used for centuries in personalizing things to show some sort of connection to a country, city or religion.

silver monogrammed necklace with birthstone

They are very good to present as gifts and can be worn for almost any occasion, be it formal or casual. The necklaces and pendants could be subtle or flashy, making them very versatile with ladies selecting to wear them to work, a party, the club or just a street wear. One important thing to note is that it is pertinent to choose the correct style when presenting it as a gift and making sure it has the correct engraving, design and most suitable metal that the person wearing it likes.

Compared to the name necklaces, monogram necklaces are more versatile because the name necklace features just one initial while the monogram necklace features 2-3 initials. Couples who would want to display their affection would go for monogram necklaces that have initials belonging to both of them.

There is a wide range of sizes and lengths for monogram necklaces, which could be the short ones that hang below the neck to the long ones that hang under the chest. Since it is fashionable, it can add elegance and style to almost any outfit with the letters coming in different sizes and styles. Also, design elements such as engraving, calligraphy, precious gems, flowers, etc. can be added while the letter can be engraved around a band that is supposed to hang on a pendant disc or plate.

monogram silver necklace
Buy these beautiful sterling silver monogram necklaces with birthstone at Opersonalized. Made of sterling silver and personalized with your own initials.

Precious metals like gold, white gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and more can be used to make fine jewelry which includes precious gemstones like sapphire, diamond, ruby, emerald, etc. The designer can also be another criterion of fine jewelry like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace or Guess.

There are various methods to make personalized monogram jewelry such as laser cutting, molding and more using cutting tools like diamond-tipped cutters and saws. Different metals used and different engraving styles yield diverse results. For example, a molded monogram necklace might be smooth and round but not necessarily precise. On the other hand, a cut steel personalized necklace is very precise and has sharp edges. People have different tastes for styles and how the necklaces are cut. When choosing a personalized necklace as a gift, the preferences of the recipient needs to be taken note of.

single initial silver monogram necklace

Monogram necklaces can serve as a good gift to almost anyone at any age and mainly engaged or married couples. Children are also not left out, too. There are several options to pick from depending on the materials, sizes, styles, and length. You can easily get them online from various online stores. Shop to get personalized monogrammed necklaces in sterling silver, gold or rose gold, free shipping worldwide!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gifts Idea for Her- Engraved Monogrammed Rings

There are various monogram rings you can always pick from online. They come in various forms, sizes, shapes, fonts, etc. which you can pick from. Silver monogram rings make that statement about your classiness and fashion taste which makes you stand out from the crowd.

These rings can be presented to various people who you are close with like your mother, wife, sister, friend, etc. The materials used in making these rings also vary and you have many choices to pick from like sterling silver, gold, rose gold, etc.

Below are a few of the rings you can pick from:

Gold Engraved Monogram Signet Ring
1. Gold Engraved Signet Ring
This piece of jewelry is a gold monogram ring which can serve as a gift for a family member, friend, loved one or for just personal use. This large monogram signet ring is very trendy and fashionable with the font of your choice engraved on its surface. The initials engraved can be 1, 2 or 3 letters and the font style could be script or block.

The usual monogram etiquette is followed for the three lettered initials, with the last name's initial standing in between the first name initial and middle name initial and it is also taller than the other.

This monogram signet ring weighs about 3 grams and has dimensions of 0.4" x 0.4" which should fit any finger that wears it. Remember that you need to send your initials the way you want it to appear when you are purchasing it. You can purchase it at this link:

Personalized Monogram Signet Ring for Women
2. Personalized Monogram Signet Ring
This monogram ring which is produced in the USA is a wonderful ring that can make a big statement for you. This monogram ring can be worn for almost any occasion at any time of the day. You can present it as a gift to a friend, family member or loved one while both men and women can wear it.

This awesome piece of jewelry is available in 14K Gold Plated Brass, nickel and lead-free, weighs about 2 grams with a dimension of ½ inches. It has a single initial on it so you need to choose which of your initials you want to appear on it.

It should be noted that this ring is delicate and be properly handled. When you clean it, make sure a soft cloth is used for it in order to avoid damage.

Sterling silver monogram rings for Lady
3. Ladies Sterling Silver Monogram Ring
This is another classic and stylish personalized ring which is the perfect gift to any special woman in your like such as your mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, etc. Up to 3 initials can be engraved with any font of your choice.

You can present this monogram ring as a gift to a friend, family member, loved one or just get one for yourself. It comes in different sizes such as small, medium and large, and made from hallmarked sterling silver.

The traditional etiquette for monogramming is observed with 3 letters appearing on the ring; it is arranged in the following format: first name initial, last name and middle name with the last name initial standing taller than the other two. This is a very good piece that can be worn for almost any occasion and any time of the day to any place.

Monogram Engraved Ring

4. Monogram Engraved Ring
This ring is made from 925 sterling silver which in engraved with any of the initials you desire. There are various fonts that you can choose from to engrave your initials on your ring with the interlocking monogram being the default font.

This ring can serve as a gift for family members, friends, loved ones or something for personal use. It can be worn for any occasion, to anywhere and at any time of the day. One amazing thing is that this ring comes in a box where you can keep it whenever you take it off.

The monogram engraved ring comes in various forms such as sterling silver, 14k gold plated sterling, 14k rose gold plated sterling, 14k and 18k solid gold, 14k and 18k solid rose gold, 14k and 18k solid white gold all depending on your choice. The ring is hallmarked with 925 with the company logo on it for authenticity sake while it has a diameter of 10mm. Thanks to GetPersonalizedJewelry for picture contribution, you can visit their site: